Friday, June 28, 2013

Green Skies, Smiling at Me!

While demonstrating eglomise work during the Grafton Historical Society's Antique Show on June 15, I began my version of the broken original glass shown in this earlier blog entry. This is an interesting glass in that it appears as if the original craftsperson worked from three individual designs and just arranged them in a row. The green color was interesting; I don't know if it was originally blue and had changed over the years, but I elected to use it in my version, as it was what drew me to the original in the first place.

I adjusted the composition a bit, as the mirror my version went into had less height available for the panel, and I actually think it looks less awkward than it does in the original size.
Joseph's version of the original

As installed in a mirror frame

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  1. A wonderful interpretation whether it is the original color or not - it is stunning. Thanks, JR for keeping the craft alive and well. You do such good work....