Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Car Talk

I've always loved old cars, but owning one (or more) will wait until I win the lottery. Not so much for the purchase price, but for the wages of someone to maintain them for me. Still, I go to car shows just to look and fantasize.

And sometimes they appear when least expected. This past week one was parked in front of the barber shop I go to. I think it is an 1940s Cadillac "sedanette". Just what my fedora-wearing self needs.

Ready for a role in film noir.

And then, while out on Sunday, I came out of a store to find an Edsel parked next to me.

Supposedly failed due to styling, but probably failed for other reasons, then blamed on styling.

With the push-button transmission control in the center of the steering wheel.

Should I take these appearances as coincidences, or as omens?

1 comment:

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