Sunday, September 27, 2009

House Painting Time

With the late summer run of good weather, I have been working on my aunt's house. It was built for my aunt and uncle in the mid-1950's, and has not been significantly changed since then. I am repainting the exterior to match the original colors. The shrubbery was overgrown, and has now been reduced, so it is like time-traveling back to 1955.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Frames

Without an air-conditioned studio, gilding work has been difficult this summer. But finally, frame orders have been completed, and ready for delivery. This is a grouping of "lemon gold" (silver gilt) frames before they went out the door.

York, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Dogs were in the kennel, so we had a few days to see some historic areas we normally zip by on the interstate.
The Museums of Old York, in York, Maine show a different side of this area, mostly known for its beaches. The "Old Gaol" (jail), and the historic house above, were wonderful time capsules, and offered that "old house smell" that is part of being in a building that has stood for centuries. The museum consists of a number of building (more than we could visit that day), and is well worth a trip (

A day spent in Portland, Maine to see the "Artist Colonies of the Coast" exhibit was a fitting way to spend a summer day. In addition, visited the Victoria Mansion ( and the Longfellow house ( where the poet lived in his early years) Both of these were notable for the high percentage of original material, structure and furnishings still in place. The Victoria mansion is an incredible example of high-style Victorian, reflecting an opulence one would expect in New York or Newport.

On the way home, stopped in Portsmouth for the Moffatt Ladd ( house (gardens shown above) and the Warner House ( One thing about the old New Englanders - nothing was thrown away. Again, both houses outstanding for original contents, primarily due to family desires to preserve for posterity. The Warner house interpreter assumed the role of a family member, and was outstanding. Worth the visit just for her performance as a Boston woman preserving her family's history.