Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Snowball Project

Working around the house, there are often small repair jobs that quickly snowball into more involved projects. The railings on the front steps were getting loose, and I wanted to tighten the bolts that held them to the brickwork. Since it was a nice day, it seemed reasonable to allocate 15 minutes to this task.

Of course, once I looked, one was loose because a brick it was bolted into was loose. As were a number of adjacent bricks. The other railing was also loose, due to missing bolts, leading me to suspect some other issue there as well.

So, next step was to remove the railings, and as long as they were off, and it was a nice day, scrape/sand/wire brush the flaking paint and rust so that I could prime and ultimately repaint them.

Almost had enough primer to complete this.

So, let's repair the brick work. Mixed up the mortar, and placed most of the loose bricks. Not enough mortar to finish that part of the job.

But it was a nice sunny day, so it was not unpleasant to spend all of Sunday afternoon working on this.

Today I will go to the home improvement store for additional primer, paint, mortar mix, bolts and inserts, masonry drill (and check out prices on new power drill, as it seemed to be dying during the wire brushing).

Monday, September 17, 2012

Peeling Brick

I was sitting on the deck, looking at the buildings across the street from us in Wiscasset, and noticed something odd. Apparently, this damage occured during the storm a week ago (and it seems to have progressed further). Look out below!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Hats (and frames)

Labor day weekend is over. The summer hats will be put away until next year (unless we make a trip south this winter).