Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hanging Lots of Artwork

Out group, the Artist Guild of Shrewsbury is having a show at the Sprinkler Factory in Worcester.

This arts venue is re-purposed from an old manufacturing facility, the Rockwood Sprinkler building (and interestingly, some of my relations worked there during WWII).

Hanging over 200 works can be a daunting task. The committee was organized, and the volunteers spent the day getting everything up. Miraculously, it all fit!

The opening is Saturday, June 18, with a party that night at 6:00 pm.

Stop by for the party or during the run of the show.

Hanging decisions being made.

All up on the walls

A selection of JPR works

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Painting the Figure

Nothing On (Acrylic, 24 x 30")

One of the most difficult tasks for the amateur artist is dealing with the human figure. I have been trying to go to the Worcester Art Museum's life drawing sessions each week, and this has been a great help. I was then at least able to put suggestions of figures, people in the distance, etc. into my paintings. I am now trying to do work where the figure is the central aspect of the painting.

One of the original sketches

I got the idea for this painting when the model posed on the floor, and my viewpoint was from over his head.

My paintings on canvas always start out boldly and quickly. My first step is always to block in the major areas (I often feel I should stop at this point).

Getting started 
Building up and adjusting

Since I didn't want to work this painting to death, after it was almost complete, I put it aside, and every so often would do slightly more. While I am not happy with some aspects, I also want it to remain looking freshly painted and effortless, and not labored over (no one is supposed to know how much it is labored over).