Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Gilt Frame with French Mat

Finally framed!

If you think the hiatus from posts has been long, think of the owner of this artwork given to me in spring for framing! This is a watercolor by a decorative artists, Walter Wright of Vermont. He painted in many different styles and techniques, creating everything from trays and furniture to Christmas cards.

This appears to have been inspired by Italian Commedia delle Arte characters. Walter Wright was interested in many different forms of art, and may have copied the characters from a book or a picture in a museum.

Now deceased, Walter was most active during the 1940-1960 period.

This piece was purchased by the current owner at an auction of Wright's work held by family members. Since it had an "old world" feeling, I made a water gilded frame, with deep red bole to pick up the reddish colors in the costumes. The tone of the mat was chosen to make the foxing age (staining) of the paper less conspicuous, and a watercolor panel added for some extra elegance.

Fortunately, the client felt it was all worth the wait!