Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A New Door

With the miserably hot weather (yes, hottest summer on record) not much got done on the Wiscasset house. The side door did have a problem with rot, and the bottom quarter of the door was long past the expoxy patching remedies. I suspect that one issue was that the door is unprotected, and also opened out, leaving it flush with the side of the house (this configuration was chosen since at the beginning of the renovation project, it was the only useful entry, and opening out made it easier for construction materials to enter the building).

Since this was the second replacement, I had the good fortune of a standard size, plumb rough opening.

I elected to go with a fiberglass shell door, hoping I will avoid some of the rotting isssues that plagued me in the past. While a competent professional would probably have installed this in an hour, we did get it in ourselves in an afternoon, now just finishing the painting and re-doing the interior trim. All set for winter.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pemaquid and Round Pond

Hot weather and family visits contributed to August's lack of motivation. Now that the cool weather is back, it's time to catch up.

Here is famous Pemaquid light, at Pemquid Point. We take our visitors here (it's the only time we seem to get there). The kids liked having something "dangerous" to do, namely, climbing on the rocks and letting the crashing waves wet their feet.

Afterwards, we made the ritual stop at the Granite Hall Store, in Round Pond. The people working there are very patient with the children deciding on just the right selection of penny candies.

I am not sure that having the adult advantage of just buying my favorite (grapefruit slices) by the pound is an improvement.