Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Visit to Portsmouth New Hampshire

We usually just pass by Portsmouth on our way to Maine, but this week we took a few days to explore the area. I wanted to see the Edmund Tarbell exhibit at the Portsmouth Discovery Center, and to photograph some of the historic architecture. And boy, Portsmouth is just stuffed with old houses - it's hard to believe so many of them have survived.

A wonderful city with some great restaurants, a lot of charm, and unfortunately, not much available parking. I went out Sunday morning to take pictures, since it was the only way to leave the car in some of the more congested historic areas. My advice for attempting this in high tourist season: walk or bike.

In addition to Portsmouth, poked around southern Maine a bit, as well. The amazing weather had everyone out, even on the beach!

Fun to be a tourist for a few days.

Waterfront, with Gardner-Wentworth house at center.
A typical Portsmouth street scene

Newcastle, NH

No, not a Hyatt. The old prison at the shipyard.

In Kennebunkport. Maybe the Bushes labeled this hunk of concrete.

A large chair in Kittery, Maine.