Sunday, December 23, 2018

Local Inspiration

For some reason I am fascinated by garages. This may be due to the fact that growing up we did not have one, or the fact that now that I have a two car garage, workshop and other stuff means that no car has been parked in it for the past 20 years.

When stopping at the dry cleaner's, I noticed this garage across the street, in the process of being updated. By the time I got around to taking a photograph, the doors had already been replaced.

But I was still intrigued enough to save it for reference, and did a quick watercolor sketch to cement it in my mind.

As usual, my first attempts always seem tentative in their use of color, and wind up looking insipid once dried.

I revisited the subject, using my artistic license (until it gets revoked) in order to add more signs of life and color. And best of all, it provided the image for this year's Christmas card!