Monday, January 11, 2021

Another One Finally Checked on the "To-Do" List


These little mirrors are smaller versions of the typical early 19th century "cottage" mirrors with their split balusters, corner blocks and a panel at the top. The antique version would hold a reverse glass painting. These mini versions usually had a print of a "Colonial" scene, and judging by the photos or prints they appear to be from the 1020s or so.

They show up fairly frequently, and I don't know why I bought this one. Probably just felt bad for it. I spruced up the frame and did a reverse glass painting. It now looks more like a period mirror.

This wasn't a particularly difficult or time consuming project, so why was it on the wall of my workshop, staring reproachfully at me for a few years before I finally tackled it? As they say, "the cobbler's children....".

Anyway, another of the pandemic era projects is finally done!

Finished. Approximately 13" high.

In its original state

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