Sunday, January 24, 2021

This Mirror Had Visitors

As found

Oh, the perils of purchasing something on-line!

This small mirror was inexpensive (yes, you get what you pay for) but the size and look were appealing, particularly since although the mirror plate was likely not original, they followed the convention of beveled edge, separate plates. 

 Upon pickup, the mirror required a bit of examination. Still unclear to me is whether the frame is original, or an adaptation/alteration. There was evidence of insect infestation (although not current). Particular enticing areas were the small blocks holding the mirror plate, which, as was usual, were adhered with an animal glue. Very tempting to insects. In addition, some of the built up gesso suffered the same fate, again, due to the animal glue component. 

Since there is no evidence of fresh or recent frass (a classier name for insect you-know-what) I'm not concerned about continued damage. Treatment will begin with wood consolidant, then rebuilding of the most damaged areas. 

 The surface has an old finish. I'm thinking that a cleaning/waxing will be in keeping. The liner, once repaired will be re-gilded. 

Approximately 39" x 14" Purchase date 8/10/19

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